The Geography e-textbook (English version) entitled “Understanding the World with Geography” is developed for Junior Secondary 1-3 with support from the Education Bureau of The Government (EBD) of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region through the E-Textbook Market Development Scheme (for Non-Profit Making Organization) and the Department of Geography at The University of Hong Kong. It is a web-based application that can be operated in a variety of platforms including Window, iOS and Android. This e-textbook is also approved on the “Recommended e-Textbook List” by the EBD in April, 2014.

Book Structure

Understanding the world with Geography consists of 6 cores and 6 elective modules. The curriculum adopts the guidelines prepared by the Curriculum Development Council, EDB. Each module focuses on a geographical theme that involves issues in the local context (Hong Kong), as well as at national (China), regional (Asia and the Pacific) and global scales. Interspersed with each lesson are exercises or activities aimed to equip students with geographical knowledge and skills, such as creating a profile from contours or identifying landform features on maps. Field trips arrangements and instructions are also available in specific modules.

Understanding the World with Geography

eBook Feature

The e-textbook caters for student diversity in learning needs and differences in individual abilities. Bridging this gap is a large amount of photos, illustrations, graphs, maps, videos that help students to engage, understand and interact with the context. One of the characteristics of the e-textbook modules is the liberal use of colourful GIS maps that symbolise or generalise real world phenomena and Google Earth interfaces that enable an immersive 360-degree visualisation of geographical issues in the virtual environment. Students will find built-in e-features (such as free-hand drawing pen, note-taking, highlighting, bookmarks and online dictionary) easy and intuitive to use. A printed version of the e-modules is also available for offline reading when an internet connection is not available.

Understanding the World with Geography