The Geography e-textbook (English version) entitled "Understanding the World with Geography" is developed for Junior Secondary 1-3. with support from the Education Bureau of The Government (EBD) of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region through the E-Textbook Market Development Scheme (for Non-Profit Making Organization) and the Department of Geography at The University of Hong Kong. It is a web-based application that can be operated in a variety of platforms including Window, iOS and Android. This e-textbook is also approved as “Recommended e-Textbook List” by EBD in April, 2014.

The authors would like to thank the team at the Department of Geography for researching, revising, and helping release this first edition.

Managing and Production Supervision: Mak Shuk Han

Editor: Lam Tuen Yee, Lau Ka Yee

Programming Assistance: Mak Yan Ho

Research members:
Chan Pui King, Chiu Lok Ting, Chiu Sung Kwong, Choi Pak Kan, Fung Chi Yan, Fung Long Yi, Hung Ming-mei, Lam Ching Man, Law Ho Yuen, Law Yi Ka, Leung Tsui-Shan, Liu Tsi Yan, Lo Man Chi, Lo Sum Yuen, Oh Hyun Seok, Pu Lan, So Fun Mun, Tse Lam Hei, Wong Pui Kei, Wong Sum Yi.

Accounts: Liu Tommy

Webpage production is by Pixel Action Studio Limited.

We would like to thank the staff and Review Committee from the Education Bureau for commenting and providing suggestions on the improvements of the e-textbook: Chan KK, Wong WF.

Additional acknowledgement goes to Professor Roland Chin and staff of the University of Hong Kong: Research Services, Technology Transfer Office, and Finance and Enterprises Office.

PC Lai, MR Peart, JJ Wang